Services offered by the Best Interior Design Companies in Bangalore

“The key to great design is capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the space!”

If you wish to redesign and modernize your living space then seeking assistance from expert interior designers should be a preferred option to consider. The aspect of interior design is very dynamic and can help you to elevate the beautification and presence of your residential apartment. The best interior design companies in Bangalore offer a wide range of services that is directly related to furnishing and revamping decor.

Apart from the conventional services of redesigning, an interior designer in Bangalore can help you to effectively manage space which gives rise to easy movability throughout the apartment. Following is a list of services offered by Top 10 Interior Designers in Bangalore:

Renovation and Reconstruction

Interior design is not just limited to the redesign aspect. Homeowners may have specific requirements that often need a complete reconstruction to gain favorable final results. The best interior design companies in Bangalore such as Purva Streaks have experienced professionals working under their umbrella that can successfully initiate and complete the process of reconstruction.

Clients may also take into consideration aspects related to Vastu and Feng Sui. Professional interior designers working with Purva Streaks can readjust the design and coordinate reconstruction project after acknowledging elements of Vastu Architecture. Such is the proficiency level of the Purva Streaks team.

Polishing and Painting

Painting is considered to be one of the most fundamental measures that helps to elevate the appearance of a housing apartment. It gives your house a new and bright look giving it a completely different and fresh demeanour. Polishing is another critical standard that makes all your old furniture and frames seem brand new.

The best interior design companies in Bangalore offer polishing and painting services at affordable pricing points. Not everything needs to be purchased from scratch. Polishing furniture is a reliable and cost effective process that fulfils the objective of redesign adequately.

Space Management

Space management is an essential element which is often compromised by rookie interior designers. The redesign process remains incomplete if the space available is not productively managed. Top 10 interior designers in Bangalore understand the importance of space management to perfection.

Experienced interior designers will monitor the entire residential apartment and then incorporate a plan that not only helps to elevate the appearance of the living area but also offers adequate space that gives rise to easy conveyance and movability. The fabric and raw material utilized play a vital role in creating adequate space inside a residential apartment.

Avail Superior Interior Design Services from Purva Streaks

Purva Streaks is one of the best interior design companies in Bangalore. We have collaborated with hundreds of homeowners and have successfully met their expectations with our superior service quality. Our primary objective is to provide optimum customer satisfaction.

We believe in the aspect of flexibility which is ideally represented by our diverse pricing policies which can be afforded by people from different financial backgrounds. So if you wish to renovate your apartment then be sure to give us a call at 080 4943 7094. You can drop in your enquiries by mailing us at [email protected].

We guarantee satisfaction. Get in touch with our team today to know more about our services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Interior designing is an art that can be perfected only with specialized study. Relying on DIY techniques can be helpful. However, there are specific activities that need expert consultancy. Such is the case with interior design as well. Therefore, investment made on interior designers will be worth your time and money.

Yes you can! However, it is recommended to seek approval from the appointed interior designer first. Allowing the designer to purchase raw materials would be preferable as they have a great network that allows them to purchase bulk and top-quality commodities at affordable prices.

No! The size of the residential space does not matter when it comes to availing interior designing services.

Yes! The two parties involved must enter into a contract that defines the term of service and the responsibilities of the professionals hired.

Yes! Customers often receive various discounts from the best interior designing companies in Bangalore.

Our Services

Our sophisticated design services will cater to your every need to turn your house into a space that brings out the best in you.

House of Design

We aim at creating spaces that are fully in-line with your design sensibilities. So our house of design delivers tailor made design solutions that go beyond decor.

Projects Completed


  • Wooden Flooring
  • False Ceiling/POP Works
  • Blinds/Curtains/Soft Furnishings
  • Electrical (Home appliances) & Decorative Electrical Fixture Works

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