4 Ways to boost creativity in Kids.

October 27, 2020


The usual world is suffered by a taboo that creativity comes by birth and cannot be harvested in time. This is false and irresponsible in innumerable ways. One of the keys to creativity from young is the environment that the individual lives in.

Kids, more than anyone else, show glimpses of creativity every now & then. This can be carefully nurtured given the right vibes in the interiors of their growing years. Here we shall discuss 5 interior décor ideas from experts that will not just boost your child’s creativity but also enhance the overall ambience of your homes.

Colors enhance visual creativity

No kid appreciates colors that are gloomy. In fact, no one does. Right shades of colors in your interiors can go a long way to bring a wholesome vibe to your home and enhance your kid’s perceptional creativity. At the same time, the usual pinks or blues are boring and over-used. Try and explore shades of green, yellow, and red. A contrast in color does add uniqueness to the space.  However, it is wise and well if you take the color game forward according to their ages and be experimental as they grow.

Artsy brings out the artist

Illustrations, geometries and patterns take this interesting game of harvesting creativity in your kids to a whole new level. Making your home open to vibrant, kid-friendly artwork is a simple hack to an instant home glow and a start to a growing genius.


By simply setting up your kids’ toys and making frames out of their artwork, you will directly trigger a long-lasting motivation rush in your kid.  Colorful throw pillows keeps it cozy and comfortable, while an underrated bookshelf, nurtures a bookwork from the future. 

Give their room, a story

Give your children’s room a story. Make them fall in love with their room by giving them a chance to expand their imagination. This is best done or experience with a themed room. Not originally a one-in-a-million activity, but a themed room can take the art of creativity way up. This can be made, based out of their favorite characters, books, movies or sports. Themed rooms not only cultivate an eye to imagination at young, tender ages but bring in an untouched modernity to your home.

Eco-friendly is cool

Hundreds of studies from around the world prove that bringing plants indoor, is one efficient way to reducing stress, improving mental health and aggregating creativity. Indoor plants are easy maintenance, they cultivate an eco-friendly mindset, and they purify air, and boost creativity.


Aloe Vera, Money plant, White lily and English Ivy are a few of the popular ones. Peace lily gives your home a glorious aura, after its undeniable beauty. So going Eco-friendly will teach and preach your kids.

Keep it inside, keep it creative

Storage is often under explored in creative terms, but you can change that for your kids. With floating bookshelves, geometric wall shelving, animal shaped cup-boards you can give your traditional storage a creative stir.


This simple hack will be an acting coach in developing everyday creativity in your toddlers. Colorful knobs, handles, door stoppers, window panels, and interactive installations are all a part of this personality development exercise at young ages.

So, what are your waiting for? Start planning your kid’s space today!