Amazing color schemes for your Kitchen

August 20, 2021

Modular kitchens have become a norm in Indian houses. The kitchen has various styles, a blend of warm and cool colors, minimal designs with solid streaks – these color schemes bring life to your kitchen.

Modular Kitchen Designs Bangalore

Well, wait, not sure about the colors?

Or maybe the colors of your kitchen cabinets?

In this blog, we will tell you about eight color schemes which will not only make your kitchen look stunning, but they will evoke positive emotions. 

So, let’s get started!

1. Wooden tones add the earthy feeling!

If you are looking for something minimal yet stunning, use the wooden theme for lower cabinets and on the upper walls; let the cabinets be of glass. It will add much-needed elegance to your kitchen and would be great if you add a white countertop for a perfect finish.

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The mixture of wooden finish and whites makes your kitchen look spacious. The maple brown and textured white backsplash would be a great fit!

2. Neutral colors add life to the kitchen!

The bold and beautiful neutral tones are a good choice for the kitchen. To make them look more stunning, add pop colors to the neutrals like white, grey, brown. These pop colors infuse the kitchen with life and vitality.

Modular Kitchen Designs Bangalore

The best would be using boisterous colors like red, orange, yellow, green or teal.

3. Vibrant colors make a strong style statement!

Bold and bright color tones make a striking statement about you.

You can always paint out your cabinets in bright bold red and keep the countertop in the white backsplash. 

The whites and natural lights work as the perfect background and make your kitchen look crisp.

4. The tale of white on wood!

The combination of wooden tones and whites are like fire and ice!

Wood gives a warm finish to your kitchen, whereas the whites add bright coolness to space. The warm wood tones give cabinets an elegant look and a white countertop.

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A bit of white with wooden tones always adds a lot of glamour to the kitchen.

5. Contrast shades make it look clean!

Contrast is a great way to make your kitchen look striking. The color scheme like musty yellow and navy blue looks stunning! These are best when you have island kitchen layouts. 

Pick any two colors like red and yellow or blue-yellow for the kitchen.

6. The combination of lively colors and earthy hues!

The best thing for a medium and large kitchen is eloquent patterns and a splash of vibrant citrus hues, which results in an out-of-the-box color scheme for the kitchen. 

The backsplash with an extra pop of colors complements a lot more to the kitchen.

7. Toned in two!

The mix of two shades for the base and wall cabinets adds a stunning duotone to the kitchen. Adding white to deeper colors like grey or black can brighten and open up space in a small kitchen. A touch of white always makes a kitchen look more prominent.

Kitchen interiors Bangalore

The darker shades are often used for the base cabinets to ensure easy maintenance.

8. The White finish!

Nothing can beat the pristine beauty of a white kitchen. The white finished kitchen is aesthetically rich and adds lots of elegance.

However, it isn’t easy to maintain. If you don’t want to try the natural finish in white, then high-gloss laminate adds a gleaming finish.

These are the few color schemes we recommend for the kitchen to look stunning, spacious and elegant.

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