Design Your Perfect Living Room With the Best Home Interior Designers in Bangalore: Meet the Function, Comfort and Style

January 2, 2023

Even though trends come and go, the living room is still one of the most important rooms in the house. The living area can show a lot about a person’s design style, but if you want to update your living room for 2023,  it’s time to give it a modern touch. Just hearing the words “modern living room” might make you think of something “sterile, austere, and one-note.” But modern living rooms designed by the best home interior designers in Bangalore – Purvastreaks can be welcoming and well-equipped. 

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Here are some top trendy living decor ideas from the portfolio of Purvastreaks that you could use for your next renovation work: 

  • Use Wood to Warm up Walls

The hardwood decor patterns on the walls give the living room an intricate yet classic appearance. The wood design works surprisingly well with modern furniture and geometric patterns. These patterns from the Purvastreaks make the living room walls more artistic and favourable for guests and inmates. 

  • Balance Both – Soft Material & Hard Material  

If your living room has hardwood or stone tile floors and glass, soften it with soft seating and rich elements like velvet in jewel tones. A statement light makes the high ceilings seem smaller.  You can employ the best home interior designers in Bangalore– Purvastreaks, for the above work. 

  • Keep the Nostalgic Element Intact in Living Room

Embrace old-fashioned styles and hand-me-down furniture in a living room, which makes it both nostalgic and modern. Classic prints like florals, ginghams, and plaids get a new look when paired with modern accents and artwork. This style is one of the most preferred styles of Purvastreaks’ design team. 

  • Incorporate The Greens  

Indoor plants and trees can bring a touch of nature into your living room. You can put topiaries on the windowsill at different heights in your living area. This not only cools down the temperature of the living room but also makes it favourable and warmer. Purvastreaks – a design firm, helps you attain a green environment in your living room. 

  • Create Distinct Zones With Area Rugs

It is usually seen that a sitting room is right next to an open kitchen, so to enhance that, you can use a custom sectional and an area rug to make it look separate. A clean armchair is put in a diagonal position, making the whole thing look nice and balanced. Like this, you can add different area rugs for sectioning the living room with the help of Purvastreaks- one of the best home interior designers in Bangalore. 

  • Change a Plain Space by Adding Texture

Adding texture and patterns can be a good idea if you live in a standard rental or just have a small space. It not only shows that size isn’t everything, but it’s also full of tricks that give simple architecture more depth. Pops of marigolds break up the warm antique wood pieces, and the large rice paper pendant keeps things casual so it can be used as a more relaxed family room. A gallery wall, a big indoor plant, and a curtain rod that goes all the way to the ceiling add depth. 

  • Use Accent Paint to Make Changes in the Colour of the Living Room

The dark blue-green colour in the corner of the living room makes it more appealing. It looks good enough to stand up to the rich chartreuse velvet fabric and the layers of funky prints. You can go by painting one wall, the door, and the mouldings so that the other side could have wallpaper that went with it. 

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The living room is one of the house’s most important spaces, and it deserves to be decorated in a way that is both comfortable and stylish. It is challenging to meet the criteria of function, comfort, and style. Still, with the help of the best home interior designers in Bangalore- Purvastreaks, it is possible to create an inviting and beautiful living room. With the right accents, furniture, and design, it is possible to create a living room that meets these criteria and stands out from the rest. The above tips may help you achieve the perfect blend of comfort and style for your living room.