Furniture Trends of 2020 – A Retrospective

January 18, 2021

2020 has surely been a roller coaster ride of our emotions. While a deadly virus gave us sleepless nights, it also taught us many lessons. And one of the most important lessons we learned; the significance of our home. Our home was our office, it was a school for the kids, a restaurant for the foodies, and a theatre for the movie buffs. Precisely, it was our world. That’s why furniture trends in 2020 were also special. Let’s take a look at the furniture trends of the year 2020. 

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Furniture set of chair, sofa, desk, bed by Purva Streaks Home Interiors

Sustainable Furniture

People were more aware and concerned about environmental issues. Many of them switched to everything sustainable. Furniture was no exception. Those who chose sustainable furnishing chose recycled wood, rattan, and bamboo furniture. It was true that for rustic and farmhouse-themed homes, sustainable furnishings were a great match and can easily be integrated into any home decor. A few took furnishing to their own hands. They made furniture with what was thought as waste using hacks and proudly showcased it. If you are one of those who like sustainable life, then this style is exclusively for you. 

Multitask Furniture

Multitask furniture has made an entry into the world a few years back; this was not new. But it gained popularity in the year 2020. Especially among those who lived in small houses and had a great taste for furnishing. Multitask furniture suits those who want to live a no-compromise life. This style was in trend, not only for making the most of small spaces but also for practical purposes. 

cabinets wall tv living room
Cabinets and wall for tv in living room interiors.

With built-in charging ports, the end tables and nightstands allow you to keep your devices fully charged and ready for use. An ottoman containing an inside storage area gives you a place out of sight to store throws and blankets and can also provide additional seating when needed. A coffee table with nesting tools is a piece of smart furniture that brings modern farmhouse design to your small space. 

Curved Sectionals 

Curved sectionals are back in style with a sleek modern design and in a variety of shapes. They have become especially popular for the many benefits they can bring to large living rooms. 

large couch carpet
Pillow on white sofa decoration in living room interiors by Purva Streaks

The curved sofas can seat more people because of their form, and if people are compelled to crowd together, when the couch has a flowing shape, it is much more convenient. The hosts will not have to worry about taking out the folding chairs for the guests who would walk-in late when using a curved section. What’s more? They are extremely easy to rearrange. 

Antique and Vintage Style 

This style was in trend in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020. And it will stay in trend in 2021, 2022, 2023,… This will never be out of style. The blast from the past, antique and vintage style furniture gives any place a touch of luxury. They bring a sense of class and richness to any home. Every single piece of furniture in this style adds more to your living rooms. If you want the taste you have for the furniture to define you, then think no further about filling your lovely house with antique and vintage style furniture. Because, though it’s clichéd, it’s true that “Old is Gold”. 

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The interior has a armchair on empty white wall background.

There is uniqueness in every style, and it suits the need of someone. All you have to do is: Know your taste, your requirement, and your comfort before choosing the style in which you want to furnish your home. We can help you renovate and refurnish your home as per the latest trends. Click here to reach out to our décor experts and get a free consultation. They will understand your requirement, taste, and then recommend what works best for you.