Hacks to create awesome interiors photographs on mobile!

November 20, 2020

The world is right now at the comfort of your pocket with a smartphone. Everything happens fast and everyone is willing towards a change, readily accepting inventive ideas. To click a good photograph of your interiors was a big deal, once upon a time. Not today, not with that powerful camera in your mobile. Here in this blog, we discuss 4 hacks to shoot your awesome interiors this festive season.

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Shoot Straight

Align your photograph with a wall in the background. Use your interior’s architecture as a reference point while you shoot. This way you can enjoy the comforts of both portrait mode and the landscape mode of your mobile camera. This technique of clicking straight pictures can avoid problems when you want to crop them further. Also, shooting interiors straight gives natural and easy vibes to your pictures. In other situations, where you prefer a different angle other than straight, go ahead and click both.

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See the difference on clicking straight and different angles.

Remove the Unnecessary. Keep it minimalistic

Give your photograph its space. Do not keep it cluttered or provide irrelevant details. If you are photographing a living room, make sure you have the symmetry of the room in place. The sofas, the add-ons, make sure they are all adding up to the beauty of the room. Nothing is untidier than a cluttered room. It would be great if you can bring in some accessories like vase, or some glossy magazines into the picture before clicking.

Natural light is the best, Early or late.

Apartment interior Design
Light is all which makes a difference.

As the day goes forward, your eye adjusts to changes in the intensity of lighting and provides you with optimum vision, but your camera is not capable of this. Hence it would be a great idea to capture images of interiors using natural light. If possible, switch every light source off other than the natural lighting and let your camera pick its light from the natural lighting. This will give you a smoother picture, along with a great dispersion of light. This is further amplified when you pick up your camera early in the morning, or just about sunset.

Take it closer.

Apartment interior Design
Interior with plant pot ,flower in room with white wall. Keep it closer.

Close-ups provide for maximum detail and a feeling of home. They provide you with a range, be it a lit diva wavering to air, a smiling face or your pet, an antique piece, or a bookshelf. The range is unlimited for a close-up, unlike anything discussed above.

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