Transform your Space with Professional Interior Design Services

January 7, 2023

Who doesn’t like a home with aesthetic interiors? A home is a place where our mind and heart are connected. So prepping your home in the most elegant and classy way is an important step in designing your comfort place. A space that expresses your personality and desire uplifts your mood for the day. With many interior companies in Bangalore, Purva streaks are among the top 10 companies that cater to your needs and wants for your home. The team of experts at Purva streaks are the best in customer handling. Get your home designed or renovated most professionally with Purva streaks.

Interior designing is not just limited to aesthetics and appearance. A well-integrated interior companies in bangalore is more about space optimization, mood-uplifting, sleek, clean home, and much more. Let’s make interior designing concentrate more on the following topics.

  • Functionality – A good interior designer plans the place’s functionality according to the available space. With limited space to move around, an interior designer works on locating and designing the amenities. In such a way, you will not feel like your home is not being poorly utilized.
  • Long-run investment – A one-stop solution to your home design is hiring a good interior designer. You can benefit in the long run with Purva streaks at your service. The interior designers suggest everything right from setting up your furniture to locating the right spot for kitchen countertops to aesthetically designing your bathrooms, so invest in Purva streaks, one of the best interior companies in Bangalore, as your one-stop solution.
  • High resale value – Chances of selling your home are less, but fortunes don’t work all the time. So when you opt to sell your home, the chances are high as you may encounter a big deal with high resale value. It is because of the interiors you have worked on for your home. An elegantly designed small home with full space optimization attracts consumers more than a huge bungalow. So work on your interiors well during construction to reap the benefit later.
  • Form of expression – A place that wants you to come back and spend the rest of the day will surely be a space of comfort and calm. So when you design a home with thoughts and expressions reflecting your emotions, you connect to it with a clear mind and soul. Spending quality time with your loved ones in a deeply connected space enhances the relationship. Make your reflections through patterns and designs.
  • Mood enhancer – Everything plays a major role in daily life, from upholstery to wall and tile colours. Waking up to warm shades and hitting the bed with pastel and cosy shades hope your day begins and ends perfectly. So get your consultation from Purva streaks, the best interior company in Bangalore.

The Process of Work at Purva Streaks

  1. Meeting the client – An introductory phase between the interior designers and customers where the queries are clarified.
  2. Approving – The customer approves the work of Purva streaks by signing up with paying a non-refundable amount as a token of advance.
  3. CRM – Customer relationship management will now handle the customer till the date of delivery by being in contact with the customer through their software application.
  4. The design team – The designer team will consult with the customer and note their preferences and likes to implement them in the design.
  5. Cost & Estimation – At Purva Streaks, the estimate is done for all your design preferences, and then the advance is collected from the client based on the costing.
  6. Production & Updates – The production work starts after completing the initial payment. Also, the CRM team keeps the client updated about work status frequently.
  7. Balance payment & Shipment – Once the product is completed, information is sent to the client for balance payment, and the shipment is made to the location.
  8. Installation – Once the shipment is received, the site team will handle the installation in the next 10-15 days.
  9. Delivery & Handover – The site team double-checks the work and delivers it to the client by receiving the signature of completion.


As one of the leading interior design firms in Bangalore, Purva Streaks guarantees the best work is being delivered to you through their team of experts. From extracting inputs from you to visually presenting them, Purva streaks are one of the top interior designing companies in Bangalore. So when you opt for an interior designer, consult them for other services like space planning, colour coordination, furniture and amenities designed per the available space. Also, you can invest your time to suggest designs and patterns to be incorporated into your space as per your personality. Book an appointment with Purva Streaks and enjoy the service offered by their team of professionals.