Latest Trends in Home Automation – Purvastreaks

April 3, 2021

The world is getting smarter today. Smart devices and automation have made our lives easier. From a car that automatically wipes the windshield when it rains to a ceiling fan that senses the temperature around and sets the speed accordingly, almost every device we use is a gift of artificial intelligence and machine learning. So, let’s explore how science and technology are helping us in making our homes smarter and safer.  

Safety and Security Devices

One of the greatest advantages of smart home technology is the safety it provides. It’s also the reason why people are choosing smart security solutions for their homes. A range of gadgets like smart locks, doorbells, cameras, motion-sensor lights, etc., are used to keep our homes safe. 

Smart features of these connected security devices will also help you monitor your home 24/7 from anywhere around the world. If there is a fire, there are devices that will auto-dial the emergency number or switch on the home fire sprinklers. There is so much more these safety and security devices can do to help make your homes safer. 

Internet of Things (IoT)

The demand for voice-controlled, smart speakers is on the rise. People have started to make effective use of this innovation. Imagine, if all you have to do after a tiring day is, just order someone and that person does everything. From switching on the fan/AC to ordering food for you from your favourite restaurant, these speakers are those sweet people who can do it all. And of course, you can listen to your favourite music as well. After all, they are speakers. 

Did you know that your refrigerator can do a lot of cool things than just keeping things fresh? Yes. The smart refrigerators can sense the stock and if it’s less than what you have set, it can auto-order for the fresh stock. How cool is that? So the next time you run out of veggies or milk, remember there is a fridge that can order itself. 

Just like how you can operate your car through your phone, you can operate your home too. From sliding the curtains to closing the door, you can do almost everything in a touch. You can also switch on/switch off other devices at home even when you are miles away. Not just that. You can also change the colour and brightness of the lights according to your mood. So, whenever you feel like turning your regular dinner into a candlelight dinner, remember that it can be done in seconds. 

The future of home automation and smart technology!

If we combine all the trends, we get a good picture of the future of smart home technology. Not too long from now, connected devices will become more autonomous and capable. Needless to say, these smart gadgets might rely often on their own assumptions and predictions than human commands. It won’t be too long before they learn to communicate and share data with each other to give smart homeowners a seamless experience.

Interested in making your home smart?  If you are thinking of installing these smart gadgets in your home, it’s now possible and affordable. At Purva Streaks, we have designers who can ensure to seamless fit these devices and make them a part of your interior design. So, if you want a keyless entry to your designer home, here we are. Reach out to us and we will help you make your dream home smarter.