Most Creative & Trendy Wardrobe Ideas

February 12, 2021

Fashion is not everybody’s cup of tea. And, so is the taste for stylish wardrobes. Are you one of those rare and creative people who want to know and explore trendy closets? Then, Read On from one of the best home interiors in Bengaluru!

There is a range of wardrobe designs that are in trend now. The design that suits your requirement depends on the space available and the style of your home interiors. Check out these compelling and innovative wardrobe designs and let us know the one which you liked the most. 

Wooden Sliding Door Wardrobe

Wooden-door wardrobes are nothing new to most of us. But the one Sliding Doors are probably rare. They bring a premium look to your room. You can have these fitted as floor-to-ceiling closets or can get the height customised according to your need. Though you might choose a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe, you might not use the top two shelves as it will not be possible for you to reach those without a ladder.

A sliding wooden door wardrobe has been a favorite for many as it makes a brilliant choice for a small room and saves space. To make it more lovable, there are numerous designs on the door that are available.

See-Through Sliding Door Wardrobe 

It’s a combination of luxury and sophistication. These stylish see-through closets are for those who would leave no stone unturned while getting the interiors done. For them, wardrobes are not just space to store the dress. They are not meant only to be functional. They are more than just wardrobes and are just as fashionable and as chic as the outfits are. It’s surely for one of those who are too busy to slide the door to check what’s available in the wardrobe and want to keep a tab on the outfits available just by looking through the door. The See-Through Wardrobes fits extremely well with the walk-in closets too.

Mirrored Door Wardrobe

A reflection of confidence, grace, and elegance. These could either be sliding doors or doors with hinges. But they are dashing for sure. As you know, no wardrobe can ever be complete without at least one mirror. And the length of the mirror only adds richness to it. Meaning, the lengthier the better. Also, when you pick a mirrored door closet for your room, it’s important to choose the lighting thoughtfully. You should surely avoid having fluorescent and harsh lights installed over the mirror.

The mirrored-door wardrobes are preferred by the minimalists too. As the need for a separate dresser in the room can be avoided. And it will also help them save space while it makes the room look less cluttered and classier.

Doors With Hinges 

These come in an array of sizes and colors. You can go with the wooden-door option or the glossy-door option. You will be spoilt for choice as the options that you can mix and match are numerous. Though it looks regular and ordinary, it can add a great deal of luxury and make your room extraordinary, if selected thoughtfully. Make sure to pick the color and design that blends with the interiors of the room. Nothing adds more value to your interiors than the color and the quality of the items you choose.

These are just an introduction, and the list of beautiful wardrobe designs goes on and on and on. Click here to reach out to our design experts and get a free consultation.

Know what suits your room the best.