My Small Green World

August 31, 2020

Your home is not just a place where you spend most of your time but also it is a reflection of yourself and your journey in life. 

I always had an interest in interior styling and wanted to have lots of plants, candles and lights in my home. So, as soon as we moved into our new house and our finances got bit sorted, I started my journey of making this house a home!

A lot of decorative items and Souvenirs from various places are placed at my favorite corners which bring back the memories of those beautiful trips. From every weekend trips to nursery and local market to various hauls, it was worth so much effort. 

The space which I have enjoyed styling the most is my balcony – It has always been my dream to have a balcony where I sit back and relax after tiring day at work. Hence, I kind of knew what I wanted. 

I have always been fond of hammocks, so red hammock was definitely a mandatory for our balcony.

Also, for other sitting, we got a couple of very comfortable chairs and table combo from local market. Flowers are the most beautiful part of balcony so I have a lot of seasonal flowers and few all season ones as well including hibiscus, adenium, plumeria. My favorite is my huge Money plant which is actually the tallest plant in my balcony. All in all, I am a plant mom to around 50 plants including the indoor ones at my home.

Now since the balcony is mostly done, almost all of the Sundays are dedicated as plant days when things like fertilization or repotting are done. Also, since the Quarantine phase has begun, it has become a ritual for me and my husband to have our evening tea here in balcony which is an absolute pleasure. 

It is right to say that there should always be some space in your home which makes you forget all your worries and gives you a breather… and this is mine.
Other favorite corner of my home is My Study Area which I have recently styled. This pandemic has given me a lot of motivation to set that up. It was in my mind from a long time but when it became clearer that this year is going to be more about ‘working from home’, then we actually started working on the idea of having a proper study cum work area.

After working from random spots for nearly 3 months and getting my study table order cancelled twice, finally got it delivered.

The delivery portals also started delivery, so, it became easy to complete my Mission – Study room. I feel few fames with motivational quotes and plants can add color & joy to any place. Same happened in my case and this study is now the most vibrant room of our home.

I am happy with how the final look has come out to be and at the same time it is very comfortable & fulfils all our requirements. We quite like spending time here now even when we are not working.

It surely took time and lots of effort to turn this house in our home but I finally got what I always wanted. It now gives me a sense of accomplishment when I look back and see how much this place has grown in just few years.

At the end, I must tell you it’s not a day’s job, it takes years to have your favorite things in place and it’s still evolving…

Apra Sharma,
An Occasional Blogger.