Things to keep in mind before designing a Compact Home!

November 8, 2021

Designing compact home interiors is challenging!

When designing a compact home, there will be hundreds of ideas in your mind.

How to set up a kitchen in a compact home?

Or maybe where to set up a bookshelf?

There will be a lot of questions and doubts!

So, implementing all your ideas might not be possible in your compact home. 

But, there are specific tips and tricks which could make your compact home interiors better.

In this blog, we will tell you five things you can avoid while designing your compact home.

1. Increase sufficient storage space!

When designing a compact home, storage is the key. You don’t want your things scattered all around your home and make it look cluttered. So, you can always squeeze up more storage space anywhere in your home. When designing a compact house, always ensure you accommodate space for ample storage. Use open and closed cabinets, install moving shelves.

And if your home has a staircase, there’s always more you can stack up, thereby making it into a storage space.

2. Use lighter colors!

The lighter colors will enhance the beauty of your compact home.

Darker shades make a home look more compact. So, the easiest way to open up your home is to prefer light colored interiors. The crisp white walls add a lot more elegance and make your rooms look spacious.

3. Don’t ignore your vertical spaces!

You might not even realize how your vertical spaces would become a savior for you. Take a look at those nooks, empty walls, corners, space above your sink and bed, etc. For a compact home, always avoid using the horizontal areas as it will become cramped than usual.

To make the most of your vertical space, here are some pro tips.

  • Carve out a shelf to store essentials.
  • Add a rack to your kitchen walls to store or hang up your cups.
  • Toss in a mirror to make it look spacious.
  • Create an art gallery or photo wall of memories.

So, make the most of your vertical spaces.

4. Let there be natural light!

The natural light makes your room look airy and bright. These bright lights will make your room look spacious. Avoid using heavy drapes or dark windows, furniture as it makes your rooms look smaller. The tip is darker shades absorb more light, and lighter shades reflect more light. Hence, to make the most of natural light, use light shades in your rooms.

5. Make your rooms versatile!

When you design your compact home, you need to consider the idea of multipurpose rooms. It can be your office, leisure in, a playroom for your kids or maybe a room for your daily workouts. Perhaps you can create a bedroom with a side office or a dining space attached to a terrace. There are endless possibilities you can think of!

These are the few things you can think of before designing your compact home.

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Blogger Name : Sandhya AH