Create a Cozy and Inviting Green Indoor Kitchen with Tips from the Best Interior Designers in Bangalore

January 4, 2023

Everyone would like to transform kitchens into stunning spaces with green kitchen cabinets! From the lightest of celeries to striking emerald lacquer, green can bring a sense of freshness and style to any kitchen. 

Get inspired and find the perfect hue for your kitchen cabinets with our roundup of the top green kitchen looks from the Purvastreaks – the best interior designers in Bangalore

  • Go for Custom-made cabinets.  

A custom-panelled built-in refrigerator provides a feeling of luxury in addition to being crisp and elegant. You may add a touch of extravagance to your already luxurious kitchen by painting the cabinets, trim, and island in your space a beautiful jewel-tone green. The addition of rattan seats, quartz surfaces, and gold hardware provides the last touch of timeless beauty. In this process, the best interior designers in Bangalore– the design team of Purvastreaks, can help you achieve.

  • Use Greens As Neutral Colour  

Many other colours besides white and beige are considered neutral hues. You may give your kitchen a touch of understated colour with shades of black, brown, and khaki green. The earthy or natural tones create the ideal colour combination to complement the natural wood components. Countertops made of soapstone create a sense of harmony among the spacious white walls that the Purvastreaks designers use with light fixtures to give your kitchen a classy look. 

  • Create Contrasting Hues

Create an elegant atmosphere in the kitchen with a colour scheme that combines shades of white and emerald. In this environmentally friendly kitchen designed by Purvastreaks- one of the best interior designers in Bangalore, the quartz countertops and white panelling on the island help make it the room’s centre point. 

  • Adorn the Kitchen Walls with Green Themed Wallpapers

You can go for the peel-and-stick wallpaper with a pattern for the plain white walls to create an eclectic and colourful atmosphere in the kitchen. Use the vibrant accent to offset the white cabinetry, and then combine it with the fun gold accessories for a simultaneously lively and contemporary style. The best interior designers in Bangalore – the Purvastreaks design team, help decide the green-themed wallpapers for your ideal kitchen. 

  • Incorporate The Green Appliances

A green kitchen in the home can be designed in many ways. You may accomplish a similar impression by using appliances with bright colours. The refrigerator in a retro green colour scheme has both a stylish and practical design. The magnetic surface can also be used as storage, well designed by the Purvastreaks designers. The floating knife holder, wooden spoon set, and other cooking accessories for the kitchen are some of the promising features of Purvastreaks design team. 

  • Leave a Space for Cosy Corner

The magnetic surface can also be used as storage to make a cosy space in the kitchen, so the appliance combines both design elements. The pine counters in this kitchen are the ideal backdrop for the floating knife holder, wooden spoon set, and other cooking accessories featured in the space.  Further, it makes up the cosy corner of the kitchen. 

  • Add floor-to-ceiling colours  

Include the colour from the floor up to the ceiling for the best-looking green kitchen. If you want to make a bold statement, consider painting your top and base cabinets apple green. In order to break up the green colour palette in a way that is not overpowering, combine hardwood pieces and subway tiling.

  • Build the Rustic Charm in the Kitchen  

Rustic charm in the kitchen exposes brick and brown earth tones that will look great paired with light green cabinetry. There are many different tones of the brown present in the Purvastreaks’ country-style kitchen. You can use the brick, the hardwood floors, the open shelving, and the island. Counter stools made of metal provide a contemporary contrast.


Though going green in the kitchen will save you money on energy bills, eco-friendly products have a reputation for being pricey, unattractive, and difficult to locate. But with the best interior designers in Bangalore– Purvastreaks, you can create your beautiful green kitchen in your home. If you are considering making a cosy yet beautiful green kitchen, then the above tips can be utilised. Make your kitchen simple yet full of functional aesthetics.