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In the last four decades (45 years) the company has established two distinct and successful brands on Indian real estate map.

The flagship brand Puravankara caters to the premium end of the spectrum, while the Provident brand is positioned in the premium affordable segment.

Today Puravankara has a
presence across India

Puravankara currently serves Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kochi, Coimbatore, Mangaluru, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune and Goa with an overseas presence in GCC and Sri Lanka.
It was also one of the first (developers) in India to secure FDI in real estate.

Purva Streaks is an Interior Design company from the trusted roots of Puravankara Limited. Established in 2007, we are team of architects, designers and creative directors who specialize in ideating, designing and executing modern and trendy interiors for your dream homes.

We also Refurbish/Renovate the existing interiors to a Perfection you Seek.

We believe, Interior design is the science of creating an experience that will define how a space looks, feels and functions for people who stay in it. This, is carefully planned by an interior designer and the team, giving utmost importance to research, detailing and management of the project with a clear conscience towards cost.

Home Renovation with Purva Streaks

Your home reflects your personality. It elaborates on your living, and the choices that made you. It goes without saying about what you can do with interiors that glorify your modern living. When it comes to interiors for modern living, one name resonates the loudest echo; Purva Streaks. Every home interior designed by our professional designers is exclusive. Our design compliments your lifestyle, usage and the deep purpose of your requirements. The quality of our products is achieved by our German construction Standards, with handpicked and certified material inputs, that help in giving the best product-based solutions to our customers.

Homes are our happy places. No questioning that. A dream home takes a lot from us emotionally and it all wears down with passing trends or growing years. These are not great feelings when one gets bored of their very own home. Or worse, annoyed. Home Renovation/Home Refurbishment/Home Makeover changes everything about this. Your living rooms get a flooring of your dreams, your bedrooms get colors that you love, your bathrooms get a vanity of wonders and your kids, enter their own dreamland when they enter, their bedroom. Refurbishment basically brings back totally new feelings to your old homes. And, we all very well know what new can do to our days and lives. We, Purva Streaks are one of the Top & Best Renovation Contractors in Bangalore, Chennai with Puravankara's Quality Assurance.

Do you fancy going through those before and after pictures on social media handles? Your home can be the next on the list, should you see fit! It’s important to keep up with the times, and with our exemplary home renovation Bangalore you’ll barely be able to recognize your own home, for yes, we are that thorough.

We pay attention to the smallest of details and our team of top interior designers in Bangalore stay up to date with the latest trends and innovations to offer you the best of all worlds. In this scenario, you can have the cake and eat it too!

Whether you’re looking for a complete home makeover, or only kitchen renovation Bangalore, we, at Purva Streaks have got you covered. Our renovation services in Bangalore, help you elevate existing spaces to the highest levels of functionality and aesthetics, making your home a paradise to live in.

Renovation services in Bangalore have never been this simple, and in just four stages, Purva Streaks will give your home the trendy makeover it deserves. Project initiation, collaboration, integration, and delivery, voila, your brand new home is ready for you to enjoy!

The best part is, we try to recycle existing materials so that the waste is kept to a minimum, and your priced treasures get a breath of new life. From waterproofing to MEP, we cover all bases and leave no stone unturned - home renovation Bangalore is not just about refined aesthetics, it is about improving the functionality and making life a tad bit easier.

What sets us apart from the other interior designers in Bangalore, is our unparalleled expertise, fine detailing, and eco-friendly waste management that ultimately ensure that we can hand over the final project on time, every time! Your dream home is only a step away from reality with Purva Streaks, so, are you ready to take the plunge?

A Peek at What You Get!

Living Room




Why you need to Renovate your Home

1. Kitchen Cabinets Are Broken?

2. Safety Issues?

3. Wardrobes Malfunction?

4. Old and Boring Vanity?

5. Sink Unit is Sinking?

6. Seepage in Walls?

7. Not Comfortable in Your Outdated Home Anymore?

8. Home is not Ecofriendly?

9. Need to Sell it at a Better Price?

10. Need a New and Modern Overall Style?

What we can do!

1. Wall Removal and Building (Not Weight Bearing Walls)

2. Toilet Tiling Works

3. Toilet CP and Sanitary Fixtures

4. Wall Cladding

5. Electric Works with Light Fixtures

6. Flooring Tiles, Marble, Granite

7. UPVC Windows

8. Window Grills, Railings

9. Wood Polish Works

10. Painting (Solid, Texture, Stucco etc.)

Home Interiors Works

1. Removal of Existing Interiors

2. Disposing Off Existing Interiors

3. False Ceiling/POP/Lighting

4. Modular Kitchen, Wardrobes, Vanity, TV Units, Crockery Unit, Bar Unit etc.

5. Home Décor (Curtains, Paintings, Artifacts etc.)

6. Wallpaper

7. Furniture

Why Purva Streaks?

End-to-End Interior Solutions


Accommodation During Renovation*

Eco-friendly Design Waste Management

On-Time Delivery

How We Renovate Your Home?



Your Home Renovation With Purva Streaks Begins With A Visit From Our Team.
Upon Discussing Your Requirements And Assessing, An Approximate Budget Shall Be Provided.
Once The Budget Is Approved By You, There Will Be A Sign-Up Process To Ensure The Procedures.


A Timeline Of Events Will Be Provided To You And Explained Down To Individual Sequences By Our Team.
Required Approvals Would Be Taken On Designs And Pricing. Estimation of the Renovation & Interiors Will Be Finalized.
A Countdown Of 45/60 Days* Begins After Collecting The 60% Advance, With Commencing Manufacturing Of The Required Wood Material At Our Factory.


Your Civil Work Scope Will Be Commenced With A Removal/ Disposal Plan Of Existing Materials From Inside Your Home & Regular Updates Shall be Provided From Your Customer Relationship Manager.
An On-Site Team Shall Take All Safety Measures To Ensure A Safe Zone Of Work In Your Home. If Required, We Would Modify The Existing Space Without Disturbing The Structural Design Of Your Home Or Your Neighbor’s.
Site Engineer Completes the Civil Work and Constructed Interiors Upon Completion Will Be Cleaned And Checked For Civil Quality.


Wood Materials Will Be Dispatched From The Factory To Your Apartment After Collecting 40% Balance Payment, & Execution Of Interiors, Wooden Works, Décor And Final Paint Would Begin.
Your Dream Home Will Be Handed Over To You After Quality Check Of Interiors By Our Qualified Site Audit Team.

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FAQs of Refurbishment

1. Can the existing materials like handles, locks be reused for refurbishment?

It depends upon the condition and inspection by our experts. Only if the conditions of the materials are good, we will able to reuse them.

2. Can the property owner procure civil materials like Tiles, CP Fittings?


3. Is waterproofing done?


4. Is MEP done?


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